Superior Quality Accessories

Our range of accessories, motors, shims and springs support our core range of packaging dies. Supporting the fresh food industry, we follow the same ethos for our accessories, providing the best quality products at prices lower than the manufacturer direct.

Other Products

Supporting our core range of packaging dies and hammers, we offer a wide range of associated accessories including punch motors, die shims, punch springs and much more. All our accessories are engineered and sourced with our core ethos in mind, providing the best quality products, meeting or exceeding standard manufacturer specifications and at prices lower than procuring the parts direct. All our standard components are completely interchangeable with reputable competing brands and we've invested heavily in making sure we stock only the best quality products, designed and manufactured with the end user in mind and supporting the retail food sector to lower costs and increase productivity.

Midland Packaging Dies also offer security dies used by the money handling industry. These dies are used to punch 3mm diameter holes, preventing money being removed from the bags, stopping spoiling of the notes and coins. See our bullet dies and flat dies sections to see photos of these security dies.

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We aim to provide a customer focused service delivering the highest quality packaging dies at competitive rates. Our customers are seen as partners and we aim to adapt and be flexible to their requirements. To support this we’re continuing to invest in our manufacturing processes, logistics, infrastructure and the workforce that makes it all happen.


We aim to serve all our customers in a professional manner with an acute eye to detail, providing the highest quality die products and promoting mutually beneficial, happy working relationships. Quality is our number one priority at all times, so everything we do follows a very strict protocol. A full audit is done on all of our components before being dispatched, ruling out any faults or problems further down the line. We are very proud of our quality control and strive to keep our standards at the highest level.