Our Quality Priority

Focused on manufacturing the highest quality tooling for our market leading clients, we pride ourselves on our rigorous quality control procedures. We recognise that our future and further growth depends on the quality of our products and the service offered.

Quality Control

Here at Midland Packaging Dies, we aim to serve all our customers in a professional manner with an acute eye to detail, providing the highest quality die products, and promoting mutually beneficial, happy working relationships. Quality is our number one priority all times, so everything we do follows a very strict protocol. A full audit is done on all of our components before being dispatched, ruling out any faults or problems further down the line. We are very proud of our quality control and strive to keep our standards at the highest level.

Rapid, high accuracy measurement is a key component of our packaging die manufacturing process. Our technical leadership and commitment to exceptional customer service has led to significant investments in state of the art computerised inspection and measurement technology. Our full service quality control procedures involve CAD workstations, three coordinate-measuring machines and a blue light optical scanner. This equipment enables us to inspect all aspects of our tooling systems and to verify that complex parts are geometrically precise and within specification. Our software systems employ diverse reporting capabilities, so we can provide detailed reporting on the inspection of dies and hammers through the manufacturing process.



We only use the highest quality passported and certified materials, ensuring that our products meet exacting specifications at all times. Designed and manufactured to exceed standard manufacturer specifications, our products are engineered from a blend of confidential materials, offering increased performance, durability and reliability, and at a cost lower than manufacturer sourced parts.


We understand that precision punching is very important in the fresh food industry. The distribution of holes affects the amount of moisture lost by all fresh produce from the moment they are packed. Too much moisture loss means the fresh produce will dry out quickly, losing taste and quality, yet too much moisture left in the pack will create condensation, encouraging the growth of damaging mould. You and your customers rely on punch machines to deliver accurate and consistent perforation. Rely on us to deliver your dies and hammers, exceeding standard manufacturer specifications, increasing longevity and reducing costs.


We aim to provide a customer focused service delivering the highest quality packaging dies at competitive rates. Our customers are seen as partners and we aim to adapt and be flexible to their requirements. To support this we’re continuing to invest in our manufacturing processes, logistics, infrastructure and the workforce that makes it all happen.


We are very proud of our quality control procedures and strive to keep our standards at the highest level. Proud to be British, all our manufacturing is done here in the UK by a skilled and experienced workforce. We are a global business and our packaging dies and punches are distributed and used in packaging punch machines throughout the world.